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Windsurfing fins

Black Project Fins is committed to making the best windsurf fins on the market. Our extensive development program combined with the highest standards of precision production mean that you get the fastest, the most radical and the most fun windsurfing fin to ride available. No matter where you windsurf, your skill level or your equipment we have the perfect fin(s) for you. Choose your windsurfing fin>

Stand Up Paddle fins

Fins are becoming ever more crucial for the dedicated stand up paddler, with an amazingly diverse sport growing at an astonishing rate fin choice can have a major impact on your performance and enjoyment. Black Project is focussed on developing the fastest and most radical products on the market so that you can customize your riding experience and stay ahead of the competition. Choose your SUP fin>

Stand Up Paddles

If you are looking for reduced weight, exceptional handling with a smooth and efficient stroke, then be ready to be impressed. Working with the finest materials available we produce only premium quality products for paddlers who demand ultimate performance and durability. As paddlers we are all different and hence Black Project offers a number of tuning options to ensure that you get the paddle which is tailored to your specific needs so that you can excel on the water. Choose your SUP paddle>

Video: PWA Aloha Classic Champion #MorganNoireaux (#MiniEPIC)

Video: Michiel van der Pol (#EPICpro & #TIGER)

Video: Jurjen van der Noord quest for world speed record (#TypeS)


About Black Project Hawaii

Black Project is based on Maui, Hawaii and has grown since its initial launch in 2010. Initially founded due to dissatisfaction with the performance and quality of available windsurfing fins on the market it has developed into a broader windsurfing and stand up paddling dedicated community. The company now produces a wide range of performance …

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Try & Buy Black Project Fins & Paddles

At Black Project Fins we want you to be thrilled with your new fins and select the perfect size and style for your board, sail and specific conditions. We therefore encourage riders to Try Before You Buy and our dealers and team around the world will be keen to help make that possible. Review the …

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